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Born in 1967, Stéphanie ARFI turn toward art since teenage hood but first began studying business administration in Paris. After having graduated in this discipline she followed in this way during 23 years.

In 2012, she decided to free her creations full time from her mind.

In 2013, she organized her first exhibition and in 2014 she followed a year of study at Drouot Institute (School of the famous auction house Hotel Drouot) to became “Consultant specialist of market art” and been graduated in 2015.

The starting point of her paintings is to create a powerful painting with colors and texture. The creative process is a slow maturation with a rich mixture of acrylic , paper and sand . Combining these materials with colors, Stéphanie ARFI manages to give her work a unique expression fully displaying the harmony of a selective motive into a full scale aesthetic moment.


Tel +33 (0) 6 20 49 18 48

Site www.stephaniearfi.com

Mail arfistephanie@hotmail.com

Facebook.com /  Stephanie ARFI

Instagram.com / Stephaniearfi

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